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Restaurant Week Starts March 9th!

Posted by Mirjam Bolmer on March 3, 2015

Restaurant Week Starts Monday March, 9th and we can’t wait!
Chef Mike and our kitchen crew look forward to this event every year and has planned quite the special tasting menu for YOU!
So come out and dine with us next week and taste what our little tavern can create!

{ Restaurant Week Tasting Menu… $29.00 }
~First Course~
Cream of sunchoke soup with a pea purée

~Second Course~
Lamb chop lollipops with a blueberry compote. Served with seared asparagus and a rosemary mash.

~Third Course~
A trio of sorbet; meyer lemon thyme, blackberry, and apricot

Pliny The Younger!

Posted by Mirjam Bolmer on February 6, 2015

Pliny The Younger- it’s what’s on every beer-lover’s mind today!
And inquiring minds want to know, “Does Barley and Hops have Younger on right now?”
The answer is no, not right now.
“But when!?” you ask.
Well Russian River typically releases Younger to their accounts a week after the first day of Younger at their pub.
And quite frankly, we are never 100% certain that we will get a keg. Not until Jersey, our magical Russian River delivery guy, shows up and drops off a keg.
He is like our Santa Claus, and we patiently wait for our Christmas morning. So hopefully we were good this year and Russian River made their list and checked it twice.
We’ll let you know if and when, as soon as we know.

In the meantime we DO HAVE Pliny The Elder on RIGHT NOW, along with a stellar tap tree offering.

Sincerely, your loving Tavernkeep